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OBLUM was started in year 1970 by Mr.O.Balagangadhar, a first generation technocrat. Oblum pioneered the manufacture of surge arrestors in India and was the first company to manufacture Metal Oxide Discs and Gapless Surge Arrestors with indigenous technology.

Oblum has been at the forefront of Surge Arrestor development and is the market leader in Porcelain and Polymer housed Surge Arrestors up to 1200KV.


  • 1950Passive Gap Type Lightening Arrestor

  • 1960Current Limiting Gapped Type Lightening Arrestor

  • 1980Zinc Oxide Gapless Porcelain Surge Arrestor/ Tube Design

  • 2010Zinc oxide Gapless Surge Arrestor/ Wrap Design

  • 2011Zinc oxide Gapless Polymer Surge Arrestor/ Cage Design